Thursday, June 16, 2011

2.5 Weeks In

Ok, so these 2 and a half weeks have gone by way too fast. We´ve been doing so much travelling this last week that it is hard to believe it is already Thursday! Let me recap... Let´s see... Well last week we went to Toledo which was a facinating city. It was also quite amazing. Then on Sunday we left on our major trip across España, we went to Zaragoza then Teruel then Peñiscola then Barça then back to Madrid on Wednesday. We saw so much, I won´t even try to right it all out. I´ll just hit the high points. In Zaragoza we saw the Bascilica of Our Lady of the Pilar where they worship Mary. In Teruel we visited one of the only painted cathedrals in all of Spain and Tim forced us to eat some octopus-- blah! In Peñiscola, we ate lunch in the old city right on the Mediterranean. In Barça, we went on a prayer walk around the neighborhood of some workers there. Then we went to Montserrat, which was absolutely breath-taking. The next day we attacked Barça, where we saw the Sagrada Familia designed by Gaudi. It is still being constructed 120 years later, but it is probably the most incredible architecture I´ve ever seen. Then we travelled home. Then today, we went into Madrid and saw the Prado and Retiro Park. I am so tired of travelling, hahaha. But it has been incredible.

Now, I am definitely looking forward to some down time in Tres Cantos and spending some time with my host family. Low and behold, tomorrow we are going to Segovia! It never ends in a country as complex and historical as España.

So, what has God been doing? Well, in the church service in Zaragoza, Joe (the other intern) and I gave our testimonies in Spanish. In Barça, we went on a prayer walk that was incredible. And at several different cathedrals we have had a window into the past and into the Spanish psychie. At Montserrat, the Cathedral had a staind glass mural of God the Father and Jesus crowning Mary!!! It was very eye opening and extremely depressing.

So how can you pray for me?
>That I can continue to be a witness to my host family.
>That I will find my strength in Him.
>That God will create a revival in the hearts and minds of the Spanish people.

Thank you!

Oh here are some pictures to enjoy from my travels!
The Group in Zaragoza on ancient Roman ruins of the wall. 
The Bascilica of Our Lady of the Pilar

Eating next to the Mediterranean Sea

The view from Monserrat

The prayer candles from the cathedral on Montserrat

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  1. Wow Andrew you have done so much already! Sounds like a great trip. I am praying for you. - Jared